5 Things You Didn’t Know About Star Wars Movies

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Star Wars is one of the most beloved movies, but there are still some things you might not know about the film.

You may already read some free star wars trivia questions and answers, but there are still some things you might not know about the movies.

Here are five facts that may surprise even the biggest Star Wars fans:

Ewok village

The Native American-inspired Ewoks were introduced in the 1983 film Return of the Jedi, but their story goes back to the original Star Wars trilogy. They live on Endor, a forest moon of the planet [x] (not Earth). The Ewok village is where you first meet Princess Leia’s adoptive father and Luke Skywalker’s mentor, Jedi master Yoda.

The Ewoks have been featured in several animated TV shows and comics since Return of the Jedi; they also appear in video games such as Star Wars: Battlefront II, as well as merchandise like stuffed animals and action figures (and they’re still selling well.).

Rebel Pilots

What if you haven’t seen Star Wars and don’t know what an X-Wing fighter is? Well, then this will be easy for you to understand. All the rebel pilots were X-Wing pilots, meaning they had unique markings on their wings. Others flew other ships like Y-Wings (with a green stripe down their wing) or Z-95 Headhunters (pods). If a pilot were flying something like a B or a branch, their ships would have no specific markings, but they did have different colored helmets that let other people know who they were. Lastly are TIE pilots who wore standard white uniforms with black helmets unless they chose to wear something else specifically for specific missions.

No opening crawl

Did you know that the Star Wars franchise didn’t initially have an opening crawl? In the original movie, A New Hope, there was no text at the beginning of the film. The opening crawl wasn’t added until later in unique edition versions of the movie.

This was done because director George Lucas wanted audiences to be able to immerse themselves in his world without any distractions and also because he wanted them to understand right away what kind of universe they were about to enter into.

Christopher Lee

You might not know this about Christopher Lee: he’s an actor. A big one. Before his role as Count Dooku in the prequels, he’d played Saruman in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Count Dracula no less than nine times between 1958 and 1992. He also starred in the first two trilogies (as Darth Vader’s right-hand man, Grand MoffTarkin) and appeared in both fourth films as Supreme Leader Snoke. In other words: if you’re a Star Wars fan, there’s no way you haven’t seen Christopher Lee before, he’s been around since 1977.

Invisible Yoda

Yoda was the first character designed for the movie and also the most complicated to create. It was a puppet, but unlike other tools on set, this one had to be operated by a person inside it. That person was [Frank Oz](https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001747/), who played Yoda and also did the voice of Miss Piggy in The Muppets TV show.

In addition to being an animatronic puppet controlled by someone inside it, Yoda’s face was made up of foam latex that could move around its face like a mask. This allowed Oz to move his head around while still keeping his eyes (something we don’t see very often in movies today). The entire process of bringing this character onto screen took over two years.

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