ADUs are becoming more and more popular. Naturally, as they have evolved, there have been kits made to make ADU development much quicker. Here is what you can do with an ADU DIY kit.

What Is An ADU DIY Kit?

An ADU DIY kit allows you to quickly and rather easily put together an ADU with pre-assembled walls and roof. Think of it as a gingerbread house kit. You get all the pieces and a map of what it is supposed to look like and then you put it together following the directions.

These kits severely limit your creativity and customizability, but they are a great way to save money and get an ADU up quickly.

How Do They Work?

Typically when you go to buy an ADU DIY kit, you get to choose from a variety of different general models. Once you pick the model you like, you can sort of customizing the internal layout. You can also add your choice of doors, windows, porches, lofts, and more.

Once the kit is on your property, you can go to work building it yourself and have the general frame up in as little as 2 days or less. Now, of course, if you plan to have electricity and running water, you will need to work with the proper professionals to make this happen, and that could result in the project taking a bit longer to complete.

Build An ADU With A Garage

Some DIY kits even allow you to build an ADU with a garage underneath it. Thus, making the most out of the space in your yard and not sacrificing the garage!

Should You Use A DIY Kit?

The answer to this is dependent on you. DIY kits make it easy to have your ADU built quickly, but they may not be the most sustainable or durable option. Make sure that if you use a DIY kit, that you buy it from a reputable business that has excellent reviews. Be sure to check on those reviews to determine if they are real or not as well. Also, remember that kits severely limit your creativity.

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