How To Protect Your Laptop?


A laptop is an indispensable device for all types of people. From professionals to business men or travel bloggers, laptops are the most essential tool of work.  Laptop’s main attraction is its portability unlike static desktop computers.

Ironically, portability is the main threat of its damage too. So, salvaging the laptop from physical damage and exposure to risks will save time and cost involved in the long laptop repair service.  

Avoiding physical damage to the laptop must be a priority even though laptop repair at home services are popular for on-site speedy laptop repair deploying the best engineers at the best rates.  

Use anti-theft backpack

Thieves and pickpockets are a menace in all cities. So, when travelling protect your laptop and personal belongings using a quality bag that can manage important laptop accessories as well.

As will be advised by any laptop repair service near me try to use quality anti-theft laptop bags with security features such as anti-theft lock, hidden pockets, zippers, cut-resistant material and locking cables to place safely on the floor.

Maybe the laptop repair in Gurgaon had you alerting on the need to unplug cables too so as to avoid breaking the charging port to save from power failure while transporting the laptop.

Check for errant dongles to protect USB devices too. Place the laptop in a sleeve or a laptop case with padded protection. Also, when putting the bag on the floor avoid the thrill of dropping it with a thud. 

Use a screen protector 

The use of screen protectors goes a long way in keeping the device’s display safe to protect from scratches, smudges, and other damage. Talk to any laptop repair service they will suggest either plastic or tempered glass materials. Being scratch-resistant Tempered glass protectors are capable of fully covering the display. Tempered glass over plastic is better than having a naked screen. Physical cleaning of the device is also important as cleaning in the digital environment. 

Install tracking software

In the eventuality of the laptop being stolen the recovery can be ensured by deploying a laptop-tracking software with he foresight on the machine. Some of the software includes Hidden, LoJack, and GadgetTrak.

Laptop security software are an amalgam of different elements including tracing IP addresses, Wi-Fi positioning, and activating the laptop’s webcam remotely to caoture images of the thief in getting back the property. 

Back-Up Data

More than losing $1000 machinery, the real heartburn will be when the important files are lost. In case the laptop falls in the wrong hands, bad consequences will follow.

So be safe and smart by purchasing a physical external hard disk like the IoSafe Solo Pro or the LaCie 2big Quadra that can store sensitive documents away from portable machines and drives.


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