Anouk Govil Marks The Importance of Outdoor Activities

Marks The Importance of Outdoor Activities


Outdoor games and activities are quite popularly considered to be the building blocks of social, as well as physical development for children. Anouk Govil, however, mentions that such activities can be incredibly advantageous for adults as well. Adults staying active and taking part in various outdoor activities regularly would get to enjoy a number of health benefits. In addition to enabling people to enjoy the important Vitamin D and experience fresh air, outdoor activities tend to have a plethora of social, mental and physical advantages for people of all ages.

There is a host of mental and physical exercise. However, people can leverage these advantages all the more by opting to exercise outside rather than inside their home or at the gym. Anouk Govil mentions that a great number of experts agree unanimously that outdoor activities can significantly help people to boost their mental health, which invariably makes their physical exercise all the more fruitful. In addition to enabling people to stay fit and active, there are multiple outdoor activities that can provide people with the chance to reduce the risk of mobility issues, as well as improve their overall metabolism.

Here are some of the prime advantages of choosing to engage in outdoor activities:

Improves mental well-being: The mental well-being and mood of a person can significantly improve as they opt to exercise outdoors.  One of the key reasons behind this being that while engaging in any activity outdoors, the mind of a person has a superior degree of awareness, especially in regards to the changing weather and terrain.  Unlike the typical gyms where the benches are evenly positioned and the floors are flat, the outdoor terrain tends to include winding paths, valleys, and woods. Here people are forced to stay alert and focused at all times, which in turn benefit their mental health to quite an extent.

The perfect way to get Vitamin D: The blood cells and bones of the body need a good amount of phosphorus, calcium and Vitamin D in order to stay healthy. Working out under the sun can go a long way in enabling the body to absorb these minerals in a seamless fashion.  People can make sure that their body enjoys all the Vitamin D it requires just by getting around twenty minutes of sunlight every alternate day or so.

Helps burn fat: As people engage in various types of outdoor activities, such as running or swimming, they would get to burn a great deal of unwanted fats and calories.  This is due to the fact that outdoor activities help people to sleep better, which in addition to physical exercise tend to facilitate faster weight loss. Anouk Govil mentions that the incredible role that outdoor time plays in physical fitness can never be overemphasized.

People should try to at least engage in one type of outdoor activity on a daily basis to ensure their physical fitness and health.

Outdoor activities can be really good for you, but don’t forget to protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun! Check out the infographic below for tips on how to do it!

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Infographic provided by Halter Ego, a horse riding gear company


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