Choose a Suitable Email Hosting for Your Singapore-based Business: Here’s How

Email Hosting


An email is the most important communication tool in business. It helps you to convey information instantly to anyone in any part of the world. Email marketing is widely used with about 87 percent of business enterprises using it to communicate according to a study conducted in 2019. Businesses today use emails to promote their brand and products or service. Unlike individuals, businesses look for email hosting with good providers. For those looking for the best email hosting Singapore service, there are innumerable of them offering reliable plans.

Most of the providers in Singapore offer email hosting, along with a web hosting package, which will help you save some money. To reach your target audience online, it is essential to have a domain with a secure e-mail.With an easy and reliable email hosting service, you can communicate with your customers using your branded email address.Other than this, you can easily create email addresses for different departments and clients and manage the email accounts.

How email hosting service can help you?

Singapore is known for numerous small, medium and large businesses, which are highly professional. With the best e-mail hosting service, you gain the following:

Save time and resources

By opting for a suitable email hosting Singapore services, you will have continuous monitoring and prompt updates. This will help reduce the bandwidth and load of your business’ IT infrastructure.

Create email addresses for your business

It helps you create personalized and branded email addresses for your business. You can also have separate email accounts for different departments, and they can be accessible through other email applications, mobile phones, tablets and email clients. Moreover, the email hosting service also helps you to set up email accounts in IMAP or POP3.

Fast and reliable email service

Using a number of fail-safe clustered servers, email hosting service is performed, and it offers backup and better performance.

Safety and security

A dependable email hosting service sees that your email data is safe and protected. This will save your important content from potential attacks. To maximize security, you have the option to encrypt the email connections.

Other than the above, email hosting service gives you an opportunity to choose from different email hosting plans such as basic email, business email and enterprise email plans, and they start from $1 to $10 and offers anti-virus and anti-spam protection, web mail online excess, dedicated IP and cloud assurance for email backup depending on the package.

Why good email hosting service is essential?

Modern business depends majorly on digital marketing, which includes email and social media marketing to develop business and build a brand. Most businesses today go for effective email hosting to boost their brand. They could design an email matching their domain name, and build trust and credibility. Customers generally trust professional email addresses to enquire for any product or service. With a reliable email hosting Singapore service, you can not only reach and attract customers but also engage and retain them.

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