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Social Media Posts


Link Building understood to be one of the top SEO practices has to be perfectly planned and executed to derive the best benefits. Social Media can be used as an effective Link Building method to boost your SEO process. The major advantage of using Social Media for Link Building is that Social Media is a widely used platform and it is easy to understand. You don’t have to have special skills to use Social Media. The use of Social Media really contributes to the SEO process because the Social Media users are huge and they see and use their Social Media accounts quite a large part of every day.

Another advantage with Social Media is that most of the Social Media have numerous features and tools to to automate posts submission and ads with Publishing Tools and Ads Manager. These apart, there are umpteen number of third party marketing automation tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, etc., that enable automated submission of posts into multiple Social Media accounts and simplify your Link Building process. Digital White Labels is the best Link Building company.

Let’s understand Link Building through Social Media in detail.

Types of Social Media Posts

Social Media allows a variety of post types like text, image video and URL links. This gives you an opportunity to use a mix of all these elements for your social posts to make them more attractive and engaging like a text and URL, text, image and backlink, etc. This way you can post different types of content to promote your backlinks and impress your Social Media audience getting their attention and action on your posts, brand mentions, hashtags and backlink URLs. Social Media has a lot of features that will enable you to reach specific or target audiences. Through them, you can direct your strategic content to the intended audience sets. Using Social Media ads you can target audiences of certain demographic profiles and specific locations as per your own budget and preferred schedules.

Moreover, Facebook offers a feature named Marketplace where you can post your products with brand names that help you get brand recognition. You can use various Facebook groups to reach out to niche audiences like special interest groups, location specific groups, trade specific groups, gender specific groups and industry specific groups to communicate and reach your backlinks so that your website will get traffic from the target audience of your preference.

You can also use hashtags as common denominators and identifiers for your posts with backlinks to your web properties like YouTube videos, website and website pages, blog, article page, shopping website, landing pages, etc., to attract viewers of specific interest and topics so that your purpose of getting a selective audience is achieved. You can use your profile pages across all of your Social Media accounts to to get found by potential customers, professionals and industry people who want to connect or reach out to certain profiles of their preference, field and needs like digital marketing, content writing, lead generation, freelance marketers, SEO experts, inbound marketing, digital marketing strategists, etc., living in a specific country or region or city with additional filtered options such as educational institutions, industry and company. Creation of such good and complete Social Media Profiles will enable you to get found by real professionals, potential customers and product searchers who want to get their needs fulfilled forthwith. Find custom Link Building packages Australia here.

Types of Link Building through Social Media Posts

Social Media can give you backlinks in a number of ways and types like the following:

LinkedIn gets you users who look for professionals and experts in a specific field or industry through your continuous posts, write ups and expert opinions. These LinkedIn users on getting to know more about you through your posts and profile page value your skill sets and expertise become more likely to engage your professional service or buy your products.

Twitter and Facebook can instigate a huge number of visitors to buy a product or service if they are impressed and interested in your articles, images or videos posted on your timeline or your ads.

Instagram users who are mostly from the younger generation can possibly click your products or services if they are in lifestyle related categories and eventually but them if you linkback to your E-Commerce store.

Pinterest drives customers from predominantly the younger generation who look for new designs and varieties across lifestyle based products and accessories.

Your Social Media can also be used for your content marketing efforts by linking to your blog and article web pages. You can share attractive and engaging posts in your Social Media and give backlinks to blogs and articles to get more information for those specific products, services and solutions.

You can capture leads through Facebook ads by leading them to your Landing Page and fulfill your Social Media Marketing objectives.

Effects of Social Media Links

Link Building through Social Media helps you in multiple ways and here are them.

It is the cheapest form of Link Building in a short span of time.

Using quality content, images and interesting information on your Social Media posts, you can create a huge following for your brand over time, nurture them in a systematic and progressive manner, and make them your longtime customers.

Using the right search phrases, keywords and hashtags, you can direct your audience to selective pages and make them take desired action on it. This helps in two ways. You can improve your website SEO and sales.

SEO and Social Media Links

Your Social Media content can serve as a huge resource pile of content by giving backlinks to your website for various keywords from Google and search engines and thus help in your SEO.


Social Media is very much relevant and popular that it makes it a perfect method, tool and platform to execute your Link Building packages Australia and achieve your SEO objectives.

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