Depend on Food from Local Farms to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on Earth

Depend on Food from Local Farms to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on Earth


When it comes to protecting the Earth and reducing carbon footprint, you do not need to be an active crusader for deforestation, water conservation, and pollution control. There are some simple ways via which you can contribute to the overall well-being and health of the planet when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint on it. The good news is these ways instantly create a positive impact from the moment you begin. One of them is depending on your local farms for food. Now the question is, how?

Reduce your carbon footprint by eating local or organic food

Do you know that you can reduce your carbon footprint by eating organic or local food? If you choose food that grows locally in your area or city, you actually are able to decrease the carbon footprint of having them shipped for consumption. You can follow the general rule- if it is closer to you, it is better. Think about the food that comes from different regions that are far from you. The food is picked up early so that it does not get spoiled before it reaches you. It needs to be packed in cool temperatures and shipped via air or road to reach you. By the time it lands up on your table, it has fewer nutrients and has created a strong environmental impact on the planet. This can be replaced by you purchasing food from your local farm or even growing your own vegetables in your backyard. The costs of transporting are reduced greatly.

Organic produce also does wonders to your health

When you bank on small local farms for your food, you will find your health improves as well. Local farms sell organic produce that is free from toxic pesticides and other chemicals that are detrimental to the whole environment. Small farms also embrace soil care practices that maintain limits for local wildlife in the area. This, in turn, boosts food security and supports the economy locally.

Say no to processed and packaged food

If you wish to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment, you should avoid eating packaged and processed food. This food is not only bad for your overall health, but they are detrimental to the environment as well. If plants become packaged or processed food, the final products contribute to health conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart ailments. Moreover, the process of processing the food hinders the environment as it pollutes the Earth extensively. If you wish to take care of the planet and your health, make sure you consume whole food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect for your overall health and should be purchased from local small farms in your area.

Therefore, if you wish to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health at the same time, make sure you eat whole, natural, and organic food grown locally. Look for small farms close to you and buy your monthly essentials from there. Say no to packaged and processed food and say hello to a healthy environment and a fitter version of yourself too!

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