How the coronavirus spreads and how to avoid it?

How the coronavirus spreads and how to avoid it


Outbreaks are very damaging and fear inducing whether they are viral, bacterial or caused by any other harmful organism. they spread from one person to other and not only damage health but also disturb the normal functioning of a society or in case of a pandemic; the world. They damage the economy and disorganize the peace of the world.

The chaos and fear it spreads in people and their lives has a very long-lasting impact and one can never be the same again. The physical signs and symptoms of an outbreak are one thing while the psychological impact is a totally other aspect.

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Coronavirus is such an outbreak that has impacted the lives of people in this way. Our lives are currently on a pause due to this virus as people are confined to their houses and hospitals and medical facilities are being crowded with coronavirus patients.

In these times of chaos, the important thing is to keep yourself and others safe from this outbreak and prevent it from spreading. The virus can spread from an infected person to others through droplets from nose or mouth.

We all touch many things and come in contact with many people on a daily basis. You can get the virus if you touch someone carrying this virus with your hands or if you touch the surface that is touched by an infected person. And then you do not clean your hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer. Instead, you touch your hands to your nose, mouth or eyes; the virus would enter your body.

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Especially if you are the owner of a business property, different people visit your workplace every day and you do not know if any one of them is already infected by the virus, thus putting you and many other people at risk of getting infected. Also, if you are a part of a health care facility who is dealing with and has admitted the people infected with the coronavirus, you are definitely at a risk of being infected. So, if you are suspicious or surely know that your workplace has been contaminated with this virus, you can call for bio-hazard decontamination services.

You can still prevent this disease from spreading and ensure safety of all if you follow some guidelines:

  • Clean your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or wash them with soap and water for 20 seconds on a regular basis.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a mask when you go out and also cover them while sneezing or coughing with a mask, your elbow or tissue.
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth with your hands as they touch many surfaces and can be contaminated, thus transferring the virus inside your body.
  • Practice social distancing that means keeping a distance of at least 6 feet between yourself and someone who is coughing or sneezing so that you don’t catch the virus.
  • If you feel ill, stay at home away from others and call for medical help if you feel symptoms like fever, difficulty in breathing and cough.

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