James Haidak Talks About The Benefits Of Working As a DJ

The Benefits Of Working As a DJ


DJ’s tend to be everybody’s favorite. They are the one bringing life to parties and ensuring that everyone gets the chance to groove on the best music. James Haidak mentions that to an extent, DJs tend to be at the top of the music world in the contemporary society. Haidak himself is a flourishing DJ and Producer, who is largely located between the region of Koh Phangan and Amsterdam. He was born in Washington D.C., and had discovered his love for electronic music quite early in life. Hence, just after the age of 17, he went on to purchase an Ableton and started to learn the craft. Haidak mentions that apart from his love for techno, the benefits of becoming a DJ is another key aspect that magnetized him to this field.

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The popularity of DJs is known to almost all people. While visiting any major city, one can see DJs headlining a host of important festivals and concerts. James Haidak mentions that becoming a DJ is especially a great option for someone like him, who has a great love for electronic music. Haidak himself is quite familiar with the club and festival circuit, and has even played at festivals alongside a number of well-known names like Reinier Zonneveld, Oliver Weiter and John Digweed.

Equipped with his expansive experience in this field, James Haidak mentions that there are numerous advantages that one can enjoy subsequent to opting to become a DJ:

  • No dress code:  One of the best parts of being a DJ is that one would not have to think about wearing what is appropriate. For the people working at an office, professional attire is important. While on the other hand, there are certain places where people have to wear a uniform. Both of these options can be a bit too restricting for people. DJs however do not have any kind of dress code. They, in fact, get the advantage of expressing their personal style in the most effective manner. Right from sequins to overalls, they can wear anything they like at a club.
  • Work for yourself: Another great advantage of becoming a DJ is that people get to work for themselves and be their own boss. They won’t be forced by their boss to do any task. DJs may opt to choose gigs that they want to take, and subsequently negotiate their pay with ease. While working independently can be a  bit daunting a first, as people become experienced in what they do, they shall be able to command quite competitive payment for each gig.
  • Get paid to party: Not all can get paid to do what they normally would be doing anyway on Friday nights, but DJs can. They can party as hard as they want, but return home with more money than they started the day with.

Becoming a DJ would be a great idea to get paid for doing that one truly loves.

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