Stephen Varanko Discusses The Major Advantages Of Playing Sports

Stephen Varanko Discusses The Major Advantages Of Playing Sports


Right from a young age children are encouraged to take part in physical activities to stay fit and healthy. According to Stephen Varanko , playing any type of sport can be one of the best ways to ensure the physical, and even mental well-being of a person. In addition to enabling people to feel fitter, playing sports can also be a lot of fun for students especially when played as a part of a team or with friends and family. Stephen himself has been a sport enthusiast right from a young age. He even maintains a sports blog of his own, which has gained a good level of popularity over the recent years.

Opportunities and options are both unlimited when it comes to sports. While being a great hobby, it can also provide certain talented individuals a chance to shine, whether they play at an international level or even for a local grassroots club. Being someone who has been involved in several types of sporting activities over the years, Stephen Varanko mentions that people may get to enjoy a host of social and psychological bonuses from taking part in sports, in addition to getting physically healthier and fitter. Being a sports blogger, Stephen has closely seen how positively sports can impact the life of people. Owing to the high quality of content in his blog, he has even received the 2019 Up and Coming sport blog award.

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Here are some of the major advantages of taking part in sports as underlined by Stephen Varanko:

  • Better Sleep: According to many researches, exercise and sports tends to triggers chemicals in the brain that enables people to feel more relaxed and happy. Team sports especially can provide people with a great opportunity to unwind and take part in an activity that levels up their fitness quotient. In case people opt to play any outdoor sports, then they can also get the benefit of enjoying fresh, open air that helps in promoting a good night’s sleep.
  • A Strong Heart: Heart is an important muscle that needs frequent exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. A heart that is healthy shall be able to efficiently pump blood in the body. The heart performance of a person can improve significantly if it is challenged regularly with exercise. Stronger hearts can additionally improve overall health of the body to a significant extent.
  • New connections: Sports has the capacity to bring a mixed group of people belonging to diverse religions, cultures, communities and backgrounds together. It can provide people with a great way to meet others with whom they may not interact much in their daily life, and hence is a great method of making new friends.
  • Improved Lung Function: By taking part in any sport regularly, more oxygen would be drawn to the body of a person, while carbon monoxide and waste gases shall be expelled. This would in turn augment the lung capacity.

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Due to its many advantages, all people must try to engage in at least one sporting activity.

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