Know about free product research tools chrome extension

free product research tools chrome extension


Get a detailed insight of consumer demand to find out where your best sales prospects are. Looking for ideas on or a Shopify store? The Demand Analyzer tool helps you identify possible product prospects for your Amazon store. Helium 10 has teamed with Alibaba, the world’s largest supplier database, to help you streamline sourcing, which is a vital stage in the selling process. There are many free amazon seller tools among which you can choose the best.

To improve product discoverability, find the ideal keywords. To attract more potential buyers, find profitable keywords. Receive keyword ideas that are extremely related to your listing and could result in significant sales. Monitor your competitors’ pricing behavior to gain a competitive advantage for your Amazon products. Keep track of product review trends. Get notified about Amazon product repricing strategies and ratings. Supplier Finder makes it simple to find and connect with other reliable suppliers who are willing to assist you in expanding your company.

Sales Estimator

The Sales Estimator takes the guesswork out of how well your product will sell. Get a reliable monthly sales forecast based on the current BSR and the quantity of competing offers.


ASIN Grabber helps you save time by automating the process of finding sponsored products for your targeted adverts. You can also conduct product research and grab top performing keywords for seasonal items to use later.

Inventory Levels

Inventory Levels enable you to monitor how much stock your competitors have on hand. This solution is excellent for wholesale buyers, retail arbitrage, and private label sellers who want to secure their items from hijackers.

Calculator for Profitability

The Profitability Calculator can assist you in determining how much it will cost you to market your goods. Assess associated costs such as storage fees, shipping, and production rates to get an accurate picture of your ROI and profit margins.

Insights from the Review

Analyze product reviews to find in-demand keywords and learn more about the product. Take use of consumer comments to learn more about a product’s strengths and drawbacks. Specifications such as post dates, star ratings, confirmed purchases, and more can be added to your reviews.

Final thoughts

With accurate and efficient real-time Amazon data tracking, you can make smarter decisions and establish expert strategies as you browse. Use reliable Amazon seller software to keep track of competitor products and conduct in-depth Amazon product research, keyword research, and more. To evaluate your product niche, get fast product insights. Analyze product demand and sales potential. Examine the quality of your product listings and receive suggestions about how to improve them. The total number of vendors for each product should be used to judge the buybox competition.

Seller App calculates the profitability of each product, allowing you to choose the best pricing and fulfillment options. As you peruse Amazon, keep an eye out for unusual things. Understand their keyword strategy using the Product Keywords function to get a grasp of their most successful keywords.

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